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Aerial Serenity

Welcome to my world of artistic aerial dance.
Let me seduce you with powerful and unique
movements, as I move effortlessly in the silks.

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Hannah Nissen

Aerialist & aerial silk instructor

Welcome to my world of graceful and artistic aerial dance. I am Hannah Nissen, an aerialist and aerial silk instructor, based in the enchanting city of Copenhagen, Denmark.

With a passion for beauty, power, and a soulful spirit, I bring you mesmerizing performances that elevate the ordinary into the extraordinary. Whether you seek a breathtaking performance or wish to learn the art of aerial silk, I invite you to experience the magic of suspended serenity. Let me enchant you with sensual and unique moments, as I move effortlessly in the sky.

What is aerial silk?

Aerial silks are acrobatics being executed in the air between two pieces of long fabric hanging from the ceiling. You can combine aerial silk acrobatics and dance to make a unique expression in your own style. In my aerial dance journey, I embrace an artistic and sensual approach in the silks, intertwining

strength with grace. I explore the delicate balance of strength and femininity, creating a captivating visual experience that lingers in the hearts of those who witness it. With a fresh blend of elegant acrobatics and dynamic dance, I bring a youthful energy and artistic flair to the stage.


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Ambient shows

Ambient shows are carefully crafted to provide subtle yet captivating background entertainment for all your guests. The shows are tailored to seamlessly complement your chosen theme and can span from just an hour to an entire evening or night. This creates a unique atmosphere accompanied by breathtaking visuals that your guests will cherish. It's a wonderful way to enhance the appeal of your event, be it a festival, wedding, exhibition, nightclub, or other occasions.

Karussel Festival

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Aerial act

Aerial acts are shorter, focused performances featuring choreographed routines set to specific music or songs. These acts take center stage, leaving the audience in a state of speechless awe, as they showcase my most impressive, remarkable and dynamic tricks. Aerial acts can be incorporated into events to emphasize a particular message or add an electrifying element. They typically range from 3 to 10 minutes in duration. On average, an aerial act lasts around 4 minutes.


WellHigh Festival

"We had the pleasure of experiencing Hannah Nissen’s unique talent during WellHigh Festival 2023, where she performed for 60 minutes in Brønshøj water tower. Her Aerial art performance was nothing short of enchanting and left our audience with a unique spectacular experience."

Karrusel Festival

"Hannah contributed tremendously to the atmosphere of Karrusel Festival. She performed at a very high level, in an environment of techno, dance and house music in front of an audience of more than 2.500 people."

My work

WellHigh Festival

Karrusel Festival

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Hannah Nissen – Aerialist